This article is written by Elder Pastor Saul Garcia

 At times, you and I might see something and ask, “What’s it for?” When we ask that question, what in fact we are saying is, “what is it, what is it intended for, what is its purpose, or how do I use it?” What we are saying is we know it has a purpose. In the Bible, we see that in the beginning, God made things. He said “Let there be light” and He called the light day, and the day had a purpose and that was so we could have a morning and evening. God went on creating throughout that week, and everything He was making had a purpose; He knew the ultimate purpose of his creation was good.

Everything God had made was for one purpose, the benefit of, what would be, his last creation that week—Adam and Eve. When God was all done, He gave everything to Adam and Eve, the predecessors of humankind. So then, all of creation had a single purpose—to serve the first human couple and their decedents.

What was Adam and Eve’s purpose? Why were they created? We know scripture says they were to be fruitful and multiply and govern the earth. They had the responsibility and stewardship of the earth and every living creature in it. However, did they have another purpose? Yes, scripture says that God created man in His image, what does that mean?

Without getting too theological about what God meant when he said, “let us” and “in our image.” That is another article. So then, what did it mean? It means Adam, and Eve were made by the creative hands of God in his likeness. The picture we have of God in the opening chapters of Genesis is not about what God may have looked like, but about what he does, his actions. We know everything God made was good. So then, Adam and Eve were created to be good. Therefore, their actions and lifestyle should be good.

God created everything to be a blessing to the first couple, and Adam and Eve were created to be a blessing to God. That was to be their purpose. However, sin entered too quickly and destroyed the intent and purpose for why they were created. The relationship that existed between them and God was severed, their purpose marred and destroyed by sin. Faithfulness to God was non-existent and overtaken by faithfulness to their egos. Sin had destroyed their relationship with God and the purposes for which they were created.

You and I know the story. I suppose it fitting that a star announced the birth of the bright and morning star (Rev.22:16). On a starry night, Immanuel was born, but Joseph named him Jesus. He grew in wisdom and stature (Lk 2:52), the appointed time had come. Jesus had a purpose in coming and when the exact moment had arrived, as Jesus hung on a tree-shaped into a cross by another carpenter, Jesus cried out “It is finished.” His purpose completed. The second Adam had redeemed what where the first Adam had lost.

Salvation was gained and purpose regained because of Christ. You and I can be a blessing and in fellowship with God. It is attained through the sacrificial act of Christ. The potential to fulfill the purpose for which we were intended has been restored to us. Ever since God placed Victory Outreach in the heart of Pastor Sonny sr., Sonny understood his born-again experience had given him a new beginning. He was not born to live and die with a needle in his arm. He knew God was rebuilding him from the inside out.

He now knew he had a purpose in life. He had lived in chaos and his life was without form and void. However, when Christ summoned Sonny and he responded, and surrendered to God, Sonny became a new creation, old things had passed, and potential for a new life had begun (2Co 5:17). That began his life-long journey to be a shepherd and an evangelist of the Gospel. He knows God has another purpose for each one of us. Our lives had been thwarted by the enemy of our soul, but because of Christ, we are no longer victims of sin… we are now victorious by Grace.

Victory Outreach has understood, learned, caught, and internalized the message Pastor Sonny has deposited in our hearts. We know and believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. However, we believe with salvation comes a responsibility to return to the purposes God first intended—to worship and bless his holy name, and to tell others that the day of salvation is at hand and that God has a greater purpose for their lives.

As a ministry, let us never forget that everything is made for a purpose. Many things are made and never used, and if they are, they may not be used at their fullest potential. Man or woman, successful or unsuccessful if they do not know Christ, they have not reached their potential. Once they accept Christ, God, begins the rebuilding of that new person in Christ. Their spiritual reconstruction involves the taking down of strongholds, and the renewing of the mind. They are born-again, new creatures in Christ; they are like clay on the potter’s wheel. They are being made ready to be used for the purposes of God.

When we look at people, see them as Christ sees them. Let our prayer be, “God let me help build people for the purpose you have intended for them.”