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Mexico Ministry Update

Web Site 5Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni casting vision.

Regional Pastor Manuel Martinez of the Morelos Region in Mexico and His congregation at Jiutepec experienced a powerful service this past Sunday.

There is a mighty move of God through out all The Republic of Mexico!



Third Wave Leadership

“Third Wave Leadership”

As we continue to build our Church Bases in Panama and Guadalajara Mexico, we can see the moving of the Holy Spirit upon our movement!.

Great things are taking place and there is revival in the land. We can expect these two Bases to be the gateway to Latin America!

South Africa continues to plant churches, and Europe is expanding in establishing a new Urban Training Center! Australia continues to grow.


“Pastor Sonny’s Leadership Quotes”

“Faith is thanking God for the answer to your prayer before it comes to pass”

“If you’re still living off yesterday’s accomplishements then you’re not doing nothing significant today”

“God always raises up a ministry when there is a need, and God always raises up a man when there is a need”


The Descendants

The Third Wave is here!

The promise in Isaiah 54:3 “For you will spread out to the right and to the left, And your descendants will take possession of nations and will inhabit deserted cities.”

It is happening!