3 C’s of Victory Outreach

3 C’s of Victory Outreach

A Transcribed Article from an Archive Message

by Founder/Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Sr.

Amen this morning, with the time that we have left I want to share with you on something that the Lord has placed upon my heart that I feel is very important for our church. We are in a brand new year 1992 and God wants to do great and mighty things through this ministry. I believe it with all of our heart. I believe that this year is going to be a very special year. We’re going to have a year of open doors and also a year of opportunity that God is given us. And the only way that we’re going to be able to take advantage of the blessings of God and also be able to accomplish all that God has for us as a church. We need to have the true well balanced concept of what the church really is. In other words we need to have a balanced church a balanced ministry and really have the true concept of what the church really is. I don’t believe that everybody has the true biblical concept of what the church should be. Our concept may be totally different from what the Bible tells us the church is supposed to be. So this morning I want to talk to you a little bit about that because the success and future of our church and ministry depends upon the view that we have of our church the way that we see our church that is very important for us to see it with healthy eyes that we could have God’s vision. And we’re looking at our ministry and looking at our church. Now the church exists in three circles or three areas of involvement that I would like to speak to you about this morning. You won’t be speaking about. First of all the Bible tells us that the church is a family. Secondly, we also… when you think about the church the church have a purpose or the church has a cause. And then thirdly there’s also the corporate or the business side of the church. You can actually call this message if you want to “The three seeds to the community which is family, the course and also the corporation or the business side of the church. Now let’s take a look at these three areas and see how it applies to us this morning as a church. First of all I mentioned to you that the church is a family community. We find that in the Bible we find that in the New Testament in the book of Acts in chapter 2 verses 42 it talks about that breaking bread together, coming together, having things in common. So the first thing we need to understand about our church victory outreach here this morning is that our church is a family now we have a family among us right here. And then there’s also an international family that we have of victory outreach.

The New Testament talks about the church as a community and we’re intimately involved with each other. That’s why we were call brothers, you hear how you call each other brother so-and-so sister so-and-so. I know you say that’s my spiritual father that’s my spiritual mother that’s my spiritual son that’s my spiritual daughter. We use that terminology because it’s biblical and because we recognize that the church is first of all a family and then the benefits of being part of a family are many. When you think about being part of a family and the church being a family that benefits first of all there is love and there should be love. The foundation of any ministry should be love, everything that we should do because of love. The motivation should be love. And then there’s also a sense of security when you think about family. Think of belonging. There’s a sense of security that you’re not alone that you are part of a family there’s a sense of belonging. I’m able to belong. I belong to the family of God; I belong to a local family that’s why there are some churches that purposely you know that there are some churches that purposely they don’t want to grow. And the reason why they don’t want to grow is because they don’t want to lose that sense of family. There’s even church members sometimes in a small church when the church begins to grow they say oh it’s not the same anymore. There’s not that intimacy that we used to have. We experience that with some church folks we really began to grow. And there are people sometimes that all they want to do is stay in a small church setting because they want to feel that family, that family tie that family influence… that is in a small setting. But we’ve been able to deal with that problem in our church even though we’re a large church numerically large. Nevertheless because one of our values and we value it so strongly that we a family. This is why we emphasize the small units the small home groups the support groups. So that way there is an intimacy and you’re able to be long and you’re able to participate. And there’s that sense of belonging that sense of security that you don’t get lost within the crowd but your plug into a small group where there’s a sense of longing and someone is taking care of you or somebody is ministering to you and you have an opportunity to minister to other people. So family, this is something that we need to understand that we don’t care how large we grow. We need to understand that we are a family. And this is so strong in me that even the very calling of our ministry when God called us. God said that he was going to gather up people that were no people they’ll be part of something. When he called this ministry into existence there were people that were no people, outcast, society and all of a sudden as we came together we had something in common and we had that sense of belonging that we belong to one another and there was a relationship that we were able to establish. And also they began to feel that they were part of the thing which they were never part of anything before. So it is very important to understand that we are definitely a family we’re a family. This is why it’s important for you to get involved. Don’t just be a spectator come but to get involved with your brothers and sisters and begin to spread a little love around and begin to be a blessing to someone else and let someone else be a blessing to you. So first of all we’re a family. Secondly let me also drop this on you too that there are many people that wouldn’t fit anywhere else only in Victory Outreach. Most of our ministers that are out there would not have ministry today if it wasn’t that God didn’t raise up victory outreach, if It wasn’t that God raised up with the outreach ministry. Many of them they wouldn’t even fit the qualifications but God rose up this ministry. So there could be a sense of belonging. I belong to Victory Outreach. I am part of the Victory Outreach family. And we have a lot of spiritual sons and daughters all over the world that we have but there still are spiritual sons and daughters brothers and sisters that we have all over the world. And we rejoice when we come together and we’re able to see each other in our conferences and different functions that we have. We’re family. This is why also I stress a lot in the family. The important person is the weakest person the weakest person. This is why we believe a lot of restoration when a person has fallen. If it were a family we need to love that person we need to love that weakest person. If a person has spiritual shipwreck, if person has a problem and we need to reach out to that person with love. This is what a family does. This is why the family unit will do so. It is very important to understand that we are a family now. Secondly not only do we need to recognize that we are family but also there’s something more than that. Now there are some of some people who get all caught up in just being a family.

There are many churches like that you bless me and I bless you and you pray for me today and I pray for you tomorrow.

And we pray for you and you love me and I love you and to have a love and all the time every time they get together on Sunday to love. Oh isn’t it wonderful we’re the family that’s wonderful but many times there’s no cause and there’s no purpose. So we need to recognize that not only are we our family that God has raised us up to be a family but we also recognize that there is a cause there’s an immediate cause there’s a purpose why God has raised up this church and God has raised up this ministry. You know what happens when you don’t have that? there’s no purpose at all for existence. And eventually you’re going to get to hate each other. You know when there’s not purpose there’s no course there’s no driving force there’s no energy because it’s all a continual weekly love enough people getting together and just loving each other. That’s not good enough. We need to recognize that there’s a cause and there is a purpose. It’s the idea that there is an enemy that needs to be conquered and a mission that needs to be accomplish. And we have been very good in this particular area. I believe we have in a course we talk about vision even though everybody in the church may not understand what the vision is it’s not just saying vision but God has given us a vision and God has given a purpose to this ministry and it’s very important for every person that’s in this place to plug in to the vision and plug into the cause and the purpose of this church. When you don’t understand that when you don’t when you don’t see the church through these eyes then there’s a tendency to misinterpret a lot of things and that really value what your church is all about or really not understand when your pastors preaching and coming heavy with something you don’t understand that you don’t comprehend it because you’ve not seen the church through the eyes that God wants you to see the church. But when you are able to plug in and see what it’s all about and understand the mission of this church then you’re able to join together and connect together and recognize that you are part of this great mission and this great challenge that God has given to us as a people and as a church. Now let me give you what is the mission of our church. OK. This is the statement of purpose or if you want to call it victory outreach mission statement. In other words this is what we’re all about. I would like to get every one of you to memorize this somehow. When you when you what is victory outreach about will this is where victory or victory outreach is an international church oriented Christian ministry called to the task of first of all evangelizing, disciple the hurting people of the world with the message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ. This call involves a commitment to planning and developing churches rehabilitation homes. Think about what I’m saying. You notice what. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Planning development churches rehabilitation homes training centers in strategic cities of the world. The message of Victory Outreach inspires and instills within people’s desire to fill their potential life with a sense of dignity is very important to people that were outcasts of society and had no dignity. People that were losers all of a sudden have become winners because of Jesus Christ. And now have a sense of dignity. People that had a poor mentality complex in their body all of a sudden recognize that they could be a achievers and they could be successful because of Jesus Christ. So there’s a sense of dignity long digging up a sense of belonging and also a destiny. Now that word destiny is pretty heavy. That excites me “destiny”. God has a destiny for our lives. There is a divine destiny for every person that is in this church this morning. So you know where you’re at or what is it that’s the sad part about Christianity. You don’t know. You just sit in church and no purpose, No cause no driving force. That’s why they’re not excited about the Lord. But how beautiful it is to know that we’re family. And also there is of course Victory Outreach welcomes the opportunity to partner with others of mutual purpose in accomplishing the tasks before us. That’s our mission statement. That’s our Statement of Purpose. This is what we are all about. And when you join or you come with the Lord brings you into the Victory Outreach church then you are part of that. And you’re to connect with it and recognize that there’s a cause and there’s a divine purpose that God has given unto us. So there’s a family it’s also a Divine Purpose of course. And then last of all there is the business or corporation side of the ministry. You want to know what I mean by that, Well here’s what I mean see these three go together listen to me very carefully it will Bring it, wrap it all together. These three things go together. I want you to visualize I don’t have a board but I want you to visualize. I want to put three circles OK, one circle is the family circle another circle is the cause of purpose circle and then the other circle is the corporation or the business circle side of the church. Now we need to have these three functioning for it to be a healthy church. I’ll give you an example. Could you imagine? And there are some churches that have only two and not three. For instance there are some churches today that have the corporate side and they also have the family side. So they are a well polished church. They love each other and they’re loving each other in a very good organized efficient way. See what am talking about. I mean they are organized. They are efficient, they are very expedient and everything that they do. You walk into their offices in their letters and they go about the business of the church with excellence. And then they come and they come again and then they love each other again. So they are well Polish loving real efficient loving. But what are they missing. They’re missing the second thing which is very important that they’re missing the cause there’s no purpose there’s no driving force. And when Jesus called the disciples He says you shall be witnesses to me the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. He gave them a challenge. He gave them a cause. Have you also imagined those that are just for instance with a cause. OK. And also the business end of it. Very efficient. So what happens is if it’s the business end of it and the cause and they don’t have a family relationship then if you. Are not functioning and performing then you are not important. Is it time to see either get with it or get out of the way. You become what you call taws oriented, we got to take the world get out of the way so we could take the world for Jesus Christ and we get so involved in taking the world there ministries like that. So involved in taking the world that they don’t care about they’re hurting brother and sister they don’t care about the weak brother and sister that is in the church and they’re too weak get them out of the way put on the sideline we need generals, We need commanders to take the word of God. It’s all about commitment and the important person is that one that has gone a whole way. But if you are a weakling, get out of the way we don’t have no time for you. That’s not healthy. That’s an unbalance ministry you’re talking about but at the same time that will be one more example. Could you imagine having a cause. And then also having the community you know what happens. And many churches are like that. I think in many senses in many ways victory outreach sometimes has a weakness in this area that we have a pretty strong family because we talk about family. We love each other. Spiritual son, spiritual daughter. And there’s a tendency of belonging and then also there’s a cause and there’s a vision but that other and sometimes we don’t see it as important the business end of it. What I mean by that if you don’t have that business end of it then you’re not going to be able to have the facilities to accommodate the people that will be coming in when God is blessing. In other words there’ll be a lack of money because we don’t think it’s important. In other words we don’t have the time. All I want is schools. Praise the Lord Hallelujah. And I just want to love my brother. Talk to me about love talk to me about taking the world. But don’t you dare talk to me about money. Money is very important. First of all that’s why I don’t get intimidated. I talk to you about money. I talk to you about tithing. I think of people don’t like it. People don’t like it all the way. First as soon as I get my chances out the door they go. But I’m going to be intimidated by one or two or three persons because as I preach the Word of God something is happening with the lives of people. And as they begin to learn the principles and God’s word of giving give and you shall receive the principles of tithing the principles of giving offerings then something begins to happen. God begins to bless people and God is able to provide for his people and also provide for the church. So I have recognized a long time ago that our vision is very big. I recognize that I got to build you guys up with the Word of God if we’re going to build that building that God wants to get us. And we’ve been functioning pretty well with the cause of family and God is growing the church people are coming in. What will happen is we won’t have facilities we won’t have finances we will lack strategy, there will be chaos. And if somehow God’s people don’t recognize hey there’s also another end of paying bills of employing people of paying salaries of meeting budgets. That is part of the ministry of the church. When we understand all of that then you understand it takes finances to run a ministry it takes finances to build a building it takes finances for the lights that are in here. There’s a business and other church as well. And as we have that view and that understanding then we’re a balance and well rounded people. And in this year I anticipating great and great and mighty things take place. Great and Mighty things that we’re planning on building that building. Sometimes I want to get ahead of God. You know I get anxious I want to get ahead of God but God says it’s all in my timing and I believe his timing is coming real soon. So it’s great and mighty things are going to take place. So we need to have a healthy cancer that’s called the term that the probably the staff has been getting a lot from in the church term. They call it paradise. That means shifting of view having the right healthy view of what the church really is and why we have that. Then there’s a change that takes place us there’s a change in us as we have a change in our view our changing our outlook. It will automatically produce a change in us. And I believe God wants to do this with us this year of 1992. Now. I believe you understand what I’m talking about how many say amen to that. Amen to that. I want you to stand with me right now as we see the cards together. Glory to God hallelujah. Glory to God. We are the people of God called by his name called from the dark and delivered from shame one holy race saint everyone because of the blood of Christ, Jesus the son. I want those of you that say this. We want to stand with you this year and believe God for great and mighty things that take place. I’m so encouraged. To see the Friday night services how they pack it out. And then to see what God is doing with our men. I mean we are in our. We are in an experience now the Holy Ghost explosion that is taking place in our ministry. And I want those of you to say brother Sunny I want to stand with you with the vision that God has given. Praise the Lord. I want to stand and I want to believe God for great and mighty things maybe. You’ve been out of business and get but didn’t connect yourself with what God is doing within this church. When I ask you to come. You say maybe I just need some help somehow. I seem to be blinded and I don’t understand and I can’t see. I want to ask you to come and I’ll pray for you this morning. But we stand together say we could do it we could do it we could do what we want to be a family we want to. Be able to fulfill the challenge that God has given to us. We want to be that church. The Lord wants us to be a well balanced church. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Glory to God hallelujah. Glory to God. We are the people of God called by his name called from the dark and delivered from shame one holy race saint everyone because of the blood of Christ, Jesus the son. Oh sing it again. Where the people of God called by his name called from the dark and delivered from shame one holy race saint everyone because of the blood of Christ, Jesus the son.   Hallelujah you know what I’m asking you this morning to do. Tell a lord. Lord help me. That there be a purpose in my life. God wants to do something special in your life. God has brought us together. And he’s given us a challenge he’s given us a vision. He’s given us the divine purpose. And we’ve been trying to be faithful to that divine purpose. And I want you to examine yourself this morning say in my part of it have I become part of it. Have I plugged in have I connected with the vision of this church than with the purpose of this church. And if somehow you find that you haven’t or you’ve been sidetracked or diverted. And this morning you could stand and be counted and say yes I want to be part of it. I want to be part. I want to be part of that vision. I want to be part of that purpose of why God has raised up this ministry and I’m going to ask you to make a new commitment to the Lord this one you just lift up your hands right now. Lord Jesus we thank you Lord for your faithfulness. We thank you lord that. You’ve called us. You have redeemed us and saved us. And you’ve given us a purpose. You’ve given us a challenge. Well I pray that we can still love each other and even the weakest person within the church that we can reach out to them oh God with love because we’re family. And at the same time oh lord that we will recognize that there is a purpose and a driving force something the Holy Ghost has ignited us so lord to reach out to a hurting world. And Lord Jesus also that we will understand that it takes a lot. As we continue to grow. There’s a responsibility we need to go about God’s business. With diligence and with wisdom. Oh God. Oh Lord Jesus let us be well-rounded I pray let us be willing to sacrifice if were called to sacrifice. Recognizing and knowing who we are. And what your purposes for us. Together and individually and also together in the name of Jesus. Amen we are the people of God we are the people of God.


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